Saturday, March 17, 2012

Embrace the Day!

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." (Matthew 6: 34)

I am always thankful for and delight in the new day and the hope and promise it will bring. We benefit most by trusting in God and looking forward to whatever challenges, blessings, and opportunities that He has planned for us today. Our past is remembered and our future is hoped for, but the present moment is when we are called to seek Him with each breath we take and with each moment that passes.  Even though it is not unreasonable to plan ahead (as Jesus explains in Luke 14:28), we need to make sure that we fill up today with every opportunity God places before us and deal with tomorrow when it comes.

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.” (Hebrews 12:1-2)

God knows what needs to happen today so we shouldn’t worry about the past, its past, and we don’t have to worry about tomorrow if we trust and have faith in His promises. We must run one day at a time with patience and determination, thankful for the day that He has given. He instructs us to walk by faith today and promises to give us our daily bread tomorrow! We must continue to remember that living in the realm of faith and trust releases us from worries of yesterday and tomorrow so that we can live today to the fullest in the power of God!

"Your gravest danger is worrying about tomorrow. If you try to carry tomorrow's burdens today, you will stagger under the load and eventually fall flat. You must discipline yourself to live within the boundaries of today. It is in the present moment that I walk close to you, helping you carry your burdens." (Unknown)

When I submit to God, and allow Him to be Master of my life, all of my worries of the past and concerns for the future become strengths in His hands. We should live today for tomorrow with just the few memories we need of what was. I know that God was with me yesterday, and I know that He will be with me tomorrow, but I believe that He longs for us to “live in the moment” walking with Him just the way He wants. I find myself rejoicing more and worrying less the closer I stay connected to God, and when I am in constant communication with Him. And when I live moment by moment in relationship with Him, every new day is the best day of my life! We should chose to rise up and make a brand new fresh start every day with God by fully surrendering the present moment in His hands. Embrace the day and celebrate God's love; share and express your joy to the world around you!


  1. That is so very true embrace every day of the second for no one knows thee hour in which He will come...

  2. Good read to start the day Denise! Great encouragement and hope for going out and embracing the beautiful day God has given us to enjoy!!

  3. A great reminder to embrace the current moment. Enjoy a wonderful weekend Denise.

  4. Yeah so true!! Thanks for the wonderful post!!

  5. I had to come by your page and tell you thank you for purchasing my book I pray that it blesses you in a mighty way sis....Have a wonderful Sunday....

  6. Thank you Denise...this is just the message and reminder that I needed today. This is what especially spoke to me, "I believe that He longs for us to “live in the moment” walking with Him just the way He wants."

    Hope you have a blessed day walking with the Lord.

  7. Walk in the moment...reminded me about the verses in Matthew about not worrying about tomorrow that each day has enough trouble of its own...

  8. This is an excellent post to embrace THIS DAY, not to worry about tomorrow, (because worry will not change anything) and just to enjoy today. Neither can we change yesterday for it is past!

  9. Denise,
    I really needed your encouraging words today. Your compassion and warmth shine through your writing. I always love visiting here.
    Blessing to you, my sweet friend,

  10. Denise,

    What a great way to start my day today by reading this, to live for today and let tomorrow worry about itself.

    Blessings to you Denise.

  11. So beautiful. I'll walk away with these words. "Our past is remembered and our future is hoped for, but the present moment is when we are called to seek Him with each breath we take and with each moment that passes."

  12. I remember when the Spirit was teaching me to live for today. Boy it was tough. There are still days when I must strive to embrace the day I'm in, but mostly Jesus has taught me that the very moment I'm in . . . with Him . . . is the only place I need to be. ;)
    Sending love to you sister!!!